Dec 5, 2008 | Uncategorized

I was gonna write a post about my job (gasp!) and then realized that I’d probably get some criticism for writing unsavory things about people I work with for fear of them finding my blog and firing me.

It’s really unfortunate, however, because some shit went down today.

And it’s pissing me off.

(Photo from here).


  1. Kimberly Julie

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  2. Kimberly Julie

    (Let’s try this again)

    It is hard deciding what to share and how to share it here in the blogging world… I feel your pain. :/

  3. Ashley

    Part of the reason I blog is to get the thoughts OUT of my head. Certain situations like this, however, I’m forced to complain to Oscar and my Mom instead.

    Glad to know someone else struggles with what and how much to share.

  4. Kimberly Julie

    Oh, I get it… I am attempting to share my dating life. Which poses a problem because if someone did happen to stumble upon me, I wouldn’t want to 1. hurt anyone’s feelings 2. make them feel exposed or 3. let them in on any of my feelings that I wouldn’t want to share with them otherwise. Ugh.