A Big Eff You

Aug 29, 2008 | Uncategorized

To the new VP Candidate for the Republican Party, Sarah Palin.

Anti-abortion and gay rights?

What a waste. I expected more from a woman.

I agree with my Dad – I’ll probably end up voting for Bob Barr, because this is just ridiculous.

“Well people like that reform. Maybe we should get us some…”


  1. Anonymous

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  2. Trey Anderson

    Are you pro-abortion and anti-gay rights then? I’m a bit confused.

  3. Ashley

    Trey – Didn’t mean to confuse you. In a fit of rage I probably wasn’t clear enough. To be clear – I feel Sarah Palin is a disgrace to her gender and she’s completely misguided. I don’t know what I’ll do if she becomes the new VP of this country.

    On another note, have you been following me long?